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Hi, my name is Brian Goldsmith, I am a retired ‘gentleman of leisure’.  That doesn’t mean I am rich and have servants to do all my  chores for me but it does mean that I have every day more or less to myself and not burdened by getting up to go to work every morning.  My days are my own to do with as I will.  I was born in 1943 so I am old enough to have earned the right to express my opinions freely.  People either agree or think its just an old man going on a rant and ignore me.  Either way I win, I can get things off my chest.  My two most hated phrases are ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Health and Safety’ and a lot of my rants in the blog are based on one or both of them., maybe I should publicise them more ?

My time is divided between household chores and maintenance (then repairs if the maintenance has failed !), shopping, day trips out sightseeing and caravanning trips ranging between a few days away or a month + in Europe.  All of those are usually on a shared basis.  My own personal interests encompass cycling, photography and blogging.

I have been blogging on a casual basis since about 2009 but latterly, since retirement and the acquisition of better technology it has taken up an increasingly larger proportion of my time and interest.  It is a good way to keep a record of my other interests for myself and I don’t mind sharing my experiences with anybody else who might be interested.


I raced with Watford Road CC from my teens until my mid twenties when marriage, family life and a move to North Bucks intervened. In that time I reached Category One Status.  I did some mountain bike racing all over the country in the National Points Series from my mid forties until I was sixty. Now, since retiring I am just setting my own challenges instead of accepting everybody else!  I am on Strava but not breaking any records there, its just to keep track of my rides.

My cycling now consists of not only actually doing it solo and with Team MK but also watching the big races and tours on TV and watching them ‘live’ when I get the chance.  Nothing will top watching the Tour de France live though as I have done on a couple of occasions in France.  My own morning solo rides usually vary between around 30 miles and 60 miles which, when the conditions are right I try to do 2 or 3 times a week.  The Team MK club rides are on a Saturday morning and are around the 45 – 50 mile mark plus the 20 mile return journey there and back, so I try to get in around 600 miles a month in summer and 300-400 in the winter.  More recently my interests have turned to riding Audax’s.  Long distance rides between 50km and upwards to pretty much as far as you want to go up to 1000km and more.. I don’t think i’ll set my sights on anything more than my present longest rides of 200km but maybe longer to come you never know !!


8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Thanks for following “I do not despair”

    A lot of kindred spirits between the two blogs I think.

  2. i have just taken up cycling due to constant running injuries and love it!! I bought my first road bike recently. I also live in Olney. Never really took much interest in cycling before but seem to be hooked now.

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