Will Power v Wont Power

Tuesday Ride, Ouse Valley..

Tuesday Ride, Ouse Valley..

Here I am, back again..

I am struggling to get myself out and on the bike this year so far.  My won’t power seems to be stronger than my will power.  I know I should be cycling because of all the benefits I gain from it, and when I am out I enjoy it, but it seems all to easy to find a reason not to go out at the moment.

I went out on Tuesday morning and, having made the effort, I enjoyed my ride, albeit a very brief one.  The sun was shining, not a lot of wind why wouldn’t I want to go out?  This time last year I was riding at least twice week and more often than not three times a week.  My last ride was ten days ago, having said that there was a five day trip to Devon within that time.  There have been opportunities every day since I returned, nothing wrong with the weather, nothing wrong with my bikes.

Because I get out so infrequently at the moment every time I do go its a struggle due to lack of fitness so I really do need to buckle down and get my a**e into gear as they say.  I need to get that average speed bak up to where to it was or else I will need a new wardrobe.  All the clothes I was slipping into easily last year are feeling a little ‘snug’ at the moment.



3 thoughts on “Will Power v Wont Power

  1. I don’t know about you but the constant windy and wet weather last year has knocked some of the stuffing out of me too and I find it hard to get out unless conditions are very good. Suffering from overtrouser swell as a result.

    • Yes I think that was my problem too and I just got out of the ‘habit’ of riding. I think another problem is that being retired we are not forced to only use two days at the weekend. We have every day and I always think tomorrow will be a better day, but at this time of year it seldom is and one day becomes two etc etc… Hopefully there is a good time coming though.. !!!

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