Sad to say, the time has come to officially stop posting on this cycling based blog.  Its been a while since I last posted on any of my blogs and I have decided there will be no more.  I was struggling to find things of interest to post about nn a regular basis.  I have been writing a blog in various forms since 2009 and just ran out of ideas in the end.

I have not been out on my bike very much since October anyway due to various very good reasons and a lack of motivation on my behalf.  Since my ride in October which was covered here I have ridden twice, once on 18th December and and again today but I hope now that I will get back into regular riding again.  I certainly need to or else I will be needing a new wardrobe cry soon.

It was becoming too much of a chore to find new things to write about on a regular basis.  I have tried a few various formats to try and liven things up a bit but it hasn’t seemed to work for me and keep my enthusiasm going so its time to call it a day.

I have appreciated the support of my followers and I have enjoyed following you too, and still do read your blogs.  You all seem so very good at what you do.

I do still keep some kind of record of my cycling activities on my Facebook Page so you can still keep in touch with my cycling prowess or lack of it there and other cycling snippets of information.  It doesn’t take so much thinking about as the posts are much shorter and I will now concentrate my efforts and  energies there.

If you click on this link it will take you to the page and if you ‘Like’ the page via the link in the Header (Not the ‘like’ button on individual posts) you will have subscribed and get a notification every time I post there.

I hope to hear from you there soon, please keep in touch, but from here it is goodbye.



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  1. Sorry that you are leaving. I hope you can get your incentive back for riding or some kind of exercise. Don’t let your body down. Best of luck!

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