A Ride Of No Particular Note..

After the shock to the system that was Mondays ride I went for a more restrained one today to put in a few background miles before venturing further again. It was the familiar Ouse Valley Ride that I do so often. Just for a change here is a satellite view of the route in colour, quite a lot of green isn’t there.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 14.47.54

I gave the Felt bike an outing today as it hasn’t had a lot of exercise this year, most of my riding having been on the Colnago so I thought you might need a reminder of what it looks like..

It was a good day for a ride but its definitely getting a bit cooler now. I am just about managing with fingerless mitts still but the leg warmers are in use to keep my knees warm and a long sleeve jersey for the rest of me.

Not much to report about the ride except that I did it and nothing of particular note happened. I only saw one other cyclist on my ride, the same as on Monday.  Not the same cyclist but just one of them. I regularly used to see at least three on this ride a few weeks ago so maybe the weather is having a bit of an effect.  Also there are not so many people on holiday perhaps? Not everybody can be retired I suppose or else who else is going to pay my pension?


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  1. I went for a 50 miler this morning through Olney (as I sometimes do) to keep the momentum of Wales going in the legs…….but without the hills this time! We must meet up again sometime…….

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