Bike Luggage, My Solutions

Here are my solutions to luggage carrying on my bikes.  On my lightweight road bikes I just have a small saddle pack for a spare inner-tube and a multi tool or stuff things into my pockets but for the heavier bikes I have these options :-

First the Specialized..

IMG_2877 I got these two seat pillar clips.. the upper one a Rixen & Kaul multi purpose clip and the lower one a Carradice SQR clip, this gives me three options in three sizes


This is the Rixen & Kaul clip in action with small Rixen & Kaul bag..


And with the larger day bag, an Altura bag that uses the Rixen & Kaul fittings.  Both of the bags can unzip and expand for greater capacity.


Here is the bag part of the SQR clip, for saddles with no saddle bag loops..The bag is permanently strapped to this for easy removal and transportation which is probably a better solution than the saddle loops to be honest.


Which slots into the clip like this..


The finished look..


Or this version


Now to the Ribble

It has the same seat post arrangement and bag options as above plus I have fitted a pannier rack


Onto which I can put this Carradice Rack Bag


Which has the option for the side pockets to unzip into panniers..


I think with that and the handlebar bag I am pretty much equipped for every occasion..



You can see the rest of my bikes by clicking the ‘BIKE SHED” tab in the menu above..



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    • Ah yes, my old Boy Scout motto.. ‘Be Prepared’. I later left the scouts and joined the Boys Brigade who’s motto is ‘Sure and Steadfast’ both can be applied to cycling I think.. 🙂

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