Monday Morning To Grafham Water..

Time to mount the two wheeled steed again.. this time one of the light bikes.  It has been nearly two weeks since my last ride so I needed all the help I could  get.

I chose Grafham Water as my destination.  The route doesn’t have too many hills near the start so I had time to warm up before I found any proper climbs.  It was an uneventful ride out, I decided I would go to the waterside cafe at Grafham on the edge of the village of Perry.  On the last few rides around this route I have opted out of the little diversion to the cafe but decided I might need the caffeine shot to get me home.  However the little diversion includes two stiffish climbs, one of 12% and another of 10%, usually the reason for missing out the cafe option.  This probably cancels out any caffeine benefit if I thought about it but it did allow me to take these pictures from the cafe table for your delight and delectation.  I used to spend a lot of evenings fly fishing here a few years ago until I retired and got back into cycling again.


And an unobstructed view from further along the verandah..


The journey back wasn’t so wind assisted as I had thought it might be and towards the end of the ride I was struggling a bit.  I had to take a couple of caffeine tablets to get me through when I was about half way back  In retrospect the ride was probably a little too ambitious after nearly two weeks off the bike again but it was a nice day and I survived the ordeal.  I think the saying is “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”?

Here is one of the splashes of autumn colour I saw on the way back and I was grateful to stop for a few minutes and take a picture.IMG_2876

And finally here is a map of my route..

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 18.50.32


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning To Grafham Water..

  1. If you saw the early editions of this post you might wonder where Graham Water is.. the auto spell changed it from Grafham after I typed it and even corrected it still persisted it seems.. all ok now though I think..

  2. A good long ride for someone who has been off the bike for two weeks. I am glad that you did the climbs as the resulting pictures were very enjoyable.

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