Two Mountains And A Beach Between…

Today I repeated a route I did last year.   Along to Roses and then up a climb that becomes the top of the climb up from Cadaques.

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This picture was taken about halfway up looking back the way I had come


Back down towards Empuriabrava in the distance, where I started the ride..


Most of this climb was around the 6% mark and pretty even,  so a good steady rhythm was called for.  After I reached the summit at the junction to Cadaques I turned left and there was a nice long descent down to Port de Selva.  A brief stop by the beach for a photo and a bit of hydration before starting the long climb.


Then it was up to the St Pere de Rodes Monastery at the summit.  I stopped for these photos after about 3km of climbing with another 6km to go.

Back down where I cam from.

Back down where I cam from…not sure what the graffiti is about but some kind of protest I am sure..

Where I am heading, onward and upward

Where I am heading..

I reached the top after a climb of about 9km with garments between 6% and 15%.  I had a bit of a break for more rehydration and took a couple more photos.


This one where I was going.



And this one back where I had come from..


Next the best bit, the ride down! I was going pretty fast when I came round a hairpin bend to find these cows crossing the road at their own leisurely pace.  Not ideal when descending at about 60kph but my brakes held up to the job as this photo proves!image

I continued my descent to the village at the bottom where there seemed to be some kind social event taking place.   Across country then past Marza where we rode to yesterday and then to Castello Empuries where it seemed to be market day.  Just a couple of kilometres after that on main roads and I was back at the site and ready for a cool beer or two…  The temperature had touched 30C at times.. but generally around the 26C mark..


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