An Afternoon Mountain…

Yesterday I went for my first long ride of the holiday on the Colnago after being away for a week.  It took us four of those days to actually get to our final destination though.  Most of the story of the journey and subsequent events have been documented in Jans Blog.  Up until now we have had a couple of relaxing rides on the hybrid bikes and I had a brief ride along the coast on the Colnago one afternoon.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 18.05.34

Yesterdays ride was 70km and included a nine kilometre climb up a mountain. The temperature was in the mid 70’s and very pleasant for riding. Nothing too extreme though,  nine kilometres and a steady 5 – 6% all the way up.  I rode out along the coast and then headed inland for a few miles and stopped to take a picture of this vineyard by the road.  I had to stop anyway to tighten the cassette on the back wheel as it had come loose.  I didn’t have the right tool for the job but a screwdriver and a small rock were enough to knock the locking ring round.


Vines, Poppies, Road and Bike

Then on to Castellet and the lake



Further on to l’Arboc


l’Arboc in the distance

After then it was on to start the climb at Llorenc Del Penedes


The climbing actually starts from the roundabout as you enter the town but this is the view after the town and I was heading for the lump on the horizon on the left hand side

Here is the view back down towards the coast from halfway up, the long and winding road


Finally a ‘view’ from the top, just to prove I got there.. but there isn’t too much to see as its on another rise over a ridge and across a bit of false flat and there is a forest of trees obstructing the long view.


Nine kilometres of climbing means exactly the same amount of descending which I had been thinking about all the way up.

There was some pleasant cross country riding for a while but as I had mapped the route ‘blind’ just from a map and it didn’t turn out so good for a while towards the end.  I went smack through the middle of El Vendrell, where I hadn’t been before and hope I don’t again.  It was a very busy time, school was coming out and there were policemen controlling traffic at crossing points with much waving of arms and blowing of whistles, overriding traffic lights.  The road surfaces were terrible, unusual for Spain. It was very much a working town.  The route after that wasn’t so good either for a while along a busy main road for two or three miles as far as Coma Ruga then a quiet couple of miles back ‘home’ along along the road behind the beach.


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