4 Days, 2 Rides, Good!

I have managed a couple of rides in the last four days so things are looking up at last. On Sunday I rode a 60km loop kind of based on Riseley and back round. It was a beautiful, practically spring like day.  A few miles before I got to Riseley I passed a group cyclists going in the opposite direction, or rather, they passed me as I was struggling uphill at the time.  One of them shouted out “Hello Brian” but I have no idea who it was, so apologies for not recognising you but I had my nose glued to the front wheel at the time whilst climbing up the hill.

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Today I did a 50km loop based on Wootton.  Not such a nice day but I was warm enough.  It was the first outing for my birthday gifts of new gloves and overshoes.  Despite the fact that it was a weekday morning I saw quite a few other cyclists out and about.  One group of four I saw way in the distance as I crested the top of the old railway bridge in Newton Blossomville, I set myself the target of catching them by the time I got to the Emberton crossroads.  I did just about manage it but just before that I also saw a group three ladies heading in the opposite direction and then a little later a couple of male cyclists.  There had been quite a few other individuals out and about on my route as well.  How things have changed over the last few years.  When I first retired seven years ago I would never see so many, if any, out cycling.  I have especially noticed the increase in lady riders over the last couple of years.

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The weather forecast is looking pretty good for the next few days around here, not a lot of sun but dry and lighter winds so maybe I will get another couple of rides in before next Sunday all being well.  Time to start upping the distances now I think.

I am currently experimenting with a slightly lower saddle position as I had been suffering some back pain after my rides.  I think there is a slight improvement but I will monitor the situation as I continue the experiment for a while longer.  I have always had my saddle tops set at 76cm above the centre of the bottom bracket for quite a few years now so I don’t know why it would suddenly cause a problem but I have lowered it to 74cm for while to check out.

Next weeks rides might be a bit thin on the ground as we are having some major bathroom works carried out and I have offered to be on hand for labouring works on the odd occasion as required.


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