Excuses Or Reasons ?…

The fairly unfavourable weather at the weekend coincided by chance with me repainting the bedroom, telling myself that if I get it out of the way now I will be clear for cycling after I finish it all on Monday.  The weather was that bad that Saturdays Team MK rides were cancelled in advance.  I thought Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of the coming week would be a good sequence of rides and get me well on way to regaining some of my lost fitness while also losing a little fatness into the bargain?

Well, the fairly unfriendly weather of the weekend turned to VERY unfriendly weather on Monday evening when, on opening the curtains snow was to be seen falling and laying on the ground and it was still there on Tuesday morning followed by more snow falls during the morning, so no ride for me then.

Today, Wednesday, happened to be the occasion of the first road race of the year to be shown live on Eurosport from 10:00am until 12:00noon, The four day ‘Tour of Dubai’, so I couldn’t miss that could I?  Ideally if the original schedule had worked, today would have been a ‘rest’ day between my planned rides, all fitting together nicely.  I dont think I can justify watching each subsequent stage live though if the weather is half decent outside.  I will have to ‘Sky Plus’ it to watch later and get out on my morning bike rides if I can.Dubai Tour: La seconda tappa

Its quite a boring race to be honest as it consists of pretty much flat stages every day resulting in a sprint finish but its good to see a bit of live racing again.  I have to say in passing that I was very envious of the white sandy beaches and sunshine and heat haze.  If I record the subsequent stages I can fast forward through a lot of the waffle and just watch the good bits.  I have to take my hats off to the commentators though for the way they manage to keep talking/waffling all the way through.  But I guess this is a bit iof a warm up race for them too, just two hours compared to the five or six hours they do on the long televised stages of the big tours and the classic races.

So were these good enough reasons not to ride or just excuses on my behalf ?