Winters Icy Grip..

I finally managed to fit a ride in this morning.  No interference from appointments, errands, medication or weather although it was bit cold.  I knew, because of commitments, that if I didn’t get a ride in this morning it would be Saturday at the earliest before I could get out on the bike again.  This would have taken it to another two weeks of no cycling, given the fact that my first scheduled Audax ride is only two and half weeks away I can’t really afford anymore extended absences from the saddle.

It was another ride along my local part of the Ouse valley, the longer version.  Things must be getting better as I was only slightly tempted to turn right at Emberton, just outside Olney, instead of turning left and adding another 15km on to the ride. It was a temptation which I succumbed to on a previous ride..  I did turn left and completed the 50km loop.

It was extremely cold but I managed to keep warm in my winter clothing.  Its such a pain having to get that lot on before I ride.  Once the temperature settled down from the indoor temperature on the Garmin after it got used to be outside, it was hovering just below freezing point.  On one occasion I saw -2C.  Wherever there was water on the roads it was icy, especially where water had run off the fields in the dips.

I took it pretty easy and was happy with my performance for a change.  It might also have been a bit due to the fact that I noticed that somehow the saddle on the Ribble bike was 1cm higher than it should be yesterday.  Having corrected that and changed my 25mm 4season Continental tyres for the 23mm Gatorskins it might just have just improved things a little too.  Changing the tyres probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do given the conditions today but I coped OK, I was very careful on the descents though.  In one place, just after one of the flooded, frozen dips I did notice a bit of wheelspin as i put the power on.  I was running the Gatorskins at 100psi, 10 psi lower than the minimum recommended pressure to assist with grip a little.


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