Audax Thinking Aloud..

Despite the slow start to my cycling year I am still hoping to get a decent Audax programme underway.  At the end of last year I started pencilling in a few rides on ‘My Calendar’ on the Audax website.  That list is still there and I was looking at it earlier.  I am hoping to get most of my rides fairly locally without too many extra long distances to the various starts and the really early morning wake up calls..

My first scheduled warm up ride should be on February 8th, the 100km ‘Rutland and Beyond’ from Leicester.  I am hoping to do that but I don’t have to finally decide until the 29th January, the closing date for entries.  Entry is online so I can leave it until the last minute to decide.  After that there is the ‘Braziers Run’ from Henham near Saffron Walden on the February 22nd.  I did the 50km version of this last year as my inaugural Audax ride.  The 100km ride does the same circuit for the first 50km, back to the ride HQ and then a different 50km after lunch. Its like a figure of eight circuit.

Next on the list on March 7th I hope to make the step up to 200km’s with the ‘Kennett Valley Run’ from near Reading.  Yet again this is a ride I did the shorter 100km version of last year.  It was a very pleasant rolling ride and nice scenery, very nice if the weather is good.

From then on I hope to get in a few more 200’s with gaps of two or three weeks in between.  There will be a bit of a gap around the end of April and pretty much all of May when I hopefully disappear to Spain for a while.  Then its back to continue a program of 200’s for the rest of the year hopefully.  I don’t really see me stepping up to 300, 400 and beyond but you never know.

I missed out on riding Audax’s in the summer last year, which is probably the best time to be doing them.  I know those that I have ridden so far have all been on nice secluded roads mostly and very pleasant rides. So I am hoping I can get into them properly this year.

Now I have written this down I have to put my money where my mouth is so to speak.  I have intentionally put pressure on myself to do them and if I don’t you will know how feeble I am.. (if you didn’t know already !!!)


4 thoughts on “Audax Thinking Aloud..

  1. I learned a couple of years ago that 300kms was a long day in the saddle. I still can’t get my head around 400km and beyond – lots of sleep deprivation and night riding. No thank you!

    • I am inclined to agree with you Steve after my experience in the 200km event at the end of last year. That seemed about enough for an old’un 🙂 , but if I don’t do anything longer than that this year I definitely won’t be doing it after that.

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