Frosty Finale..

The last gasps of 2014 and I made it out for a bike ride at last..  Just as I thought, once I made the effort I enjoyed it apart from the understandable feeling of not being very fit.

I got the bike out of the garage and put it against the fence, this is what was on top of the fence..

20141231-IMG_1787Having seen that I didn’t rush to get ready!

I just went for an easy spin around the 20 mile version of my Ouse Valley ride.  The sun was shining and there wasn’t too much wind although I suppose it doesn’t make a great deal of difference what direction it is on a loop ride.  I generally lean towards a tailwind on the way home if I can, unsuccessfully so today though.

There was still quite a bit of frost on the roads in the shade and it was almost midday by this time

20141231-IMG_1788Ice was building up under my mudguards near to the bottom bracket as the tyres picked up the frost from the roads.  I took plenty of care around the corners, especially on the descents.  For the winter I fitted some 25mm Continental 4 Season Tyres to the Ribble and I didn’t have any problems today but I guess it was the tread pattern picking up the frost from the roads.  I couldn’t get any fatter tyres on the Ribble because the lack of clearance for the tyres under the rear brake causes the mudguards to be pretty close to the tyres.

The low sun was another hazard, reflecting off the roads and dazzling not only me but also the motorists heading into it so something else to be wary of.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 18.56.52


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