Strava, Farewell..

I have decided to disconnect myself completely from Strava.  This may sound familiar to some long time readers with a good memory.  I did a similar thing around this time last year but not quite so drastically.  I only stopped posting my rides publicly but that didn’t last long I was soon back again and posting as usual.

This time I have unsubscribed completely and wiped my records.  Its one less thing to deal with after a ride.  I will still continue to keep up my Garmin Connect ride logging every time I go out though.  I do have to say though that am not so keen on the new layout there.  Nothing seems instinctive to me yet.  I can’t get where I want to be easily anymore.  The old program was easy to navigate and logical and I knew how to do everything I needed.  I think its because they have included some new features like introducing ‘segments’ to compete with Strava.  At the moment the ‘Classical’ version is still available so I use that as much as possible.

I decided that at my age I wasn’t going to be competing for any segments or King Of The Mountains anymore.  I am not training for anything anymore, just riding my bike for pleasure and fitness.  I don’t want to be tempted to ride a bit harder just for the sake of not letting myself down when I log my ride on Strava.  It was nice to collect ‘Kudos’ from other riders for various rides, that seemed a bit random though at times.  Some of the longest rides I ever did, like the 200km Audax at Tewkesbury got Kudos from one or two people, whereas a little potter around my Ouse Valley rides would produce handfuls of Kudos?  Anyway thats all behind me now.

If you are young and fit and competitive then I can recommend it, its just not for me anymore.



7 thoughts on “Strava, Farewell..

  1. ” I don’t want to be tempted to ride a bit harder just for the sake of not letting myself down when I log my ride on Strava.” I am also a senior rider and want to commend you for this sentence and sentiment. Once you get over 60, the idea is to be able to continue along, not to break any speed or endurance records. Keep up the good work! I have spoke’n.

  2. It is a bit tedious, all the downloading on multiple sites and whatnot, isn’t it? And I am regularly deflated after what felt like a good ride, only to see that I am middle of the road in Strava, or worse. As for the wordpress change, I feel likewise but understand this is the nature of things. No sooner do I master a new bit of technology than an upgrade is introduced that brings me back to Square 1!

    • Yes Steve, I wasn’t competitive enough on there anymore.. age catching up with me, I was just riding for personal satisfaction and Garmin is fine enough for that..

  3. They have to find something for all the infant geniuses they employ and they think they we will be like them and have a very low boredom threshold. Still, it keeps us on our toes. I like Strava still but I am a new adopter and I can see that its attraction will wear out.

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