Last Weeks Rides Update…

It turned out to be quite a prolific ride week for me, unusually so by recent standards.  With the previously reported ride on Tuesday I notched up just over 300km last week

Thursday: 80km bike ride

I went for a ride on Thursday last week as it was forecast to be a nice day.  Up until then it hadn’t been good weather at all.  The day started off very misty though as I headed off east towards KImbolton on a northerly loop and swung round at Great Staughton on a southerly loop back. The ride was about 80km. It’s a fairly undulating route with no major climbing involved so I managed to up my recent average ride speeds to a couple of kph higher.

I took this picture just as I started to head back towards home at Gt Staughton, as you can see the mist is still hanging around, the picture isn’t out of focus and I did try some editing to make it look a little less misty than it actually was.


By the time I got home the sun had burned the mist off but it was still pretty cold.

Saturday: Team MK ride to  Winslow 110km

The Team MK ride last Saturday was scheduled to be to Upper Stowe near Daventry but there was no leader allocated for the ride and Clive volunteered to to do the lead but opted to go to Winslow instead.  Slightly preferable given my condition because the Upper Stowe route is quite a hilly one with some nasty little climbs in it.  However it was no easy ride because quite a high pace was set.

We stopped at Jenny Wrens cafe in Winslow as Clive had the foresight to book one of the rooms for us there.  So finding a seat would be no problem and they were ready for us.  Sometimes I don’t bother to stop there on this route because of the hassle but I actually needed the break this week so I was ready for the refuelling stop to get me home.

The ride back soon split the group up but I wasn’t dragged into any fast stuff as I had done 20km more then them at that stage because of my ride to the start, I was also facing another 20km to get back home from Stony Stratford.  I just kept at my own steady and comfortable pace, picking up some stragglers from the front group on the way that had overstretched themselves.  Once I reached Stony my average speed was showing almost 26kph but by the time I got home it had dropped to 25.4 😦

Its my turn to lead the group ride this week and we are going to Carlton.  I might need to abbreviate the route a bit as there is a round of the Cyclo Cross World Cup taking place at Milton Keynes Bowl in the afternoon. I will check before the start if anybody is going and what time they need to be back.  Personally I will find the race on the computer somewhere and watch in comfort indoors.


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