Waste Not, Want Not..

This morning in a flash of inspiration I created this..

Kona Fixie/Free Wheel

Kona Fixie/Free Wheel

From this..

Kona Hybrid

Kona Hybrid

I converted my my very first mountain bike, the Kona Lava Dome, that had already been previously converted to a hybrid bike, into a fixed/free wheel single speed bike.  Just right for scooting around town on the odd errand or just for fun.  I simply have to turn the back wheel around to swap from fixed to free wheel.

It cost me nothing to do, I just used up some more of the surplus bike bits from my ‘Aladdin’s Cave’.. (Garage).  But now of course I have some more surplus parts. So now I think I have finished with all my bike reconfigurations, I really do  have just about every option covered now I think.  But what do with parts I have left now?  I suppose a cyclo cross bike could be an option but unfortunately I don’t have a spare frame though..

Here are a two more photos I took on my test ride around Emberton Park just before lunch. It seemed a very nimble little steed and the gearing seems just about right.


View from the ‘cockpit’



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