Team Milton Keynes C1 Group Ride to Castle Ashby

And Other Business….

I rounded off a week of messing about with bikes by joining the Team MK C1 group ride to Castle Ashby yesterday and using one of them.   The chosen steed for the day was the Ribble Audax bike..

It was fairly good weather for the start of the ride and progressed to pretty good during the ride and then culminating in very good by the time we reached our destination, the cafe at Castle Ashby again.  Unlike last weeks ride which started as fairly good and then went downhill from there on fairly rapidly.

IMG_1628We managed to enjoy our chosen refreshments outside in the sunshine, nor bad for October.  The ride itself was very good and everybody was well behaved so far as I know and it was all well supervised by our leader for the day, Neil.  We also met up with the D group who had come there via a shorter route, thats why there might look like a lot of people on the picture..

I did my customary trick when riding out in this direction of dropping off from the group in Olney on the way back.  But I didn’t cheat on any miles because I had ridden over to Stony Stratford, where they were heading, for the start of the ride earlier in the day.

I think I have pretty much finished with re-organising my bike ‘stable’ and have the set-ups I require for all the various functions I could ever need and I probably don’t need any more bikes!.. hmmm we’ll see how that works out !

My next project is to find a more satisfactory storage method for them than leaning them all against each other in a big pile.  That is apart from my ‘best’ bikes which are hanging from the ceiling.  I have some ideas but its probably going to need a few more ‘garage days’ to accomplish the task.

I only managed one other ride during the week, on Thursday, just to keep my legs turning.  I have already written about in the previous post but I did myself down a bit.. I said it was 53km.. it wasn’t it was the best part of 75km.

In an effort to break my jinx for bad weather on club rides led by ‘yours truly’ I have volunteered myself for the vacant ride leadership slot on November 29th to Carlton.  Fellow members be warned.. !!  But for someone wishing to break a growing reputation for bad weather rides the end of November, a month before Christmas should be no problem, right ??  Oh and I have in mind a different route to the normal TMK ones, of which there are two that I know of.  More about that later though…


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