A Little ‘Psychle’ Therapy

Today didn’t get off to a good start.  Two things didn’t turn out as I had hoped they might.  I say ‘hoped they might’ instead of ‘expected they might’ as I never really expect things to turn out for the best but I do always hope they will.

I had been looking forward to a nice bike ride this morning and they almost put me off it.  I just felt disappointed and didn’t feel like making the effort and getting out.  But, when I weighed it up the options were either to stay around home and mope around and be miserable or get over it, get ready and get out and take out my frustrations on the Colnago.  I fortunately opted for the latter and once I was a few miles into the ride I was thinking of other things.  This is what usually happens.  The bike is a good place for thinking and getting your head around things.  Sometimes miles pass and I suddenly find myself somewhere without having noticed how I got there.

Click Image For Ride Stats

Click Image For Ride Stats

I did the western leaf of my clover leaf pattern of rides from home.  It was an old favourite ride that I adapted and extended a little to make it up to the required 45’ish miles of the other three directions.  I headed out in a north westerly direction into Northamptonshire towards Blisworth and then on to Towcester, near to the racecourse.  It was around here that I encountered some of the traffic still leaving from yesterdays Grand Prix at Silverstone, which is just up the road.

It was mainly big white vans and camper vans which I assumed were probably traders and had stayed overnight.  It was about five or six miles to the circuit from there and although I was going along very rural roads there were police ‘No Parking’ cones placed about every hundred yards or so by the roadside.  It would have been some walk for spectators.

It was here that I changed direction and lost the generally north westerly head wind and found a generally cycling friendly tail wind.  This will be evident from the stats if you look at average speeds for the five mile segments.  It was then down to Stony Stratford on the northern perimeter of Milton Keynes, after that there were just twelve miles home across country.

I managed to get home just in time to start viewing todays stage of the Tour de France live on TV.  The first three stages have been based on the French Island of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea.  What a beautiful place it is.  Magnificent mountain scenery surrounded by a wonderful coastline of crystal clear waters and the helicopter shots were spectacular and breathtaking sometimes.  I would think there might be a big increase in the tourist trade there as a result of all the TV exposure all over the world.  I heard on the programme yesterday that the TV helicopter pilots are all Alpine rescue helicopter pilots in the winter taking a break from the ‘day job’.  What a great and exciting year they must have!!

So there we have it, if somethings getting you down take it out on the bike, it wont mind, its what it was made for and you’ll feel better for it all round.


6 thoughts on “A Little ‘Psychle’ Therapy

  1. There is no doubt that you can get on a bicycle and leave all your cares behind very easily. Glad that you found it worked today.

  2. How strange……I too headed NW to Rutland, and had a tailwind on the outward, and headwind on the homeward……….. The opposite to you.

  3. Another lovely bramble. Do you intend to make your way back to Huntingdon/Oundle any time soon?

    Your description of thinking on the bike has got me to thinking in my chair. Perhaps you have given me inspiration for a future post!

    • Funnily enough that was one of the things I was thinking about.. 🙂 I enjoy the ride to Oundle from here.

      Its North east of me and its an out and back ride due to lack of route options. Its also a 60+ mile trip so it becomes an option once these dreaded winds have dropped as the prevailing winds seem to be NE or SW.

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