Biking To The Barn..

Team MK Ride to The Barn Farm Shop/Cafe, Wilstone, Hertfordshire

This Saturdays Team MK ride should have been to Upper Stowe in Northamptonshire but due to some bad planning the Formula One motor racing organisation had decided to hold the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend.  This happens to be smack in the middle of our route.  Try as he might the ride organiser, Alun, couldn’t get them to change the date so he had to change the ride destination.  The Grand Prix was on Sunday but Friday and Saturday are practice days.  It cant have been very peaceful around Silverstone Village this weekend!  I bet not a lot of people know that Silverstone is a very old village that happens to have bred an international motor race track.  The village was actually mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086!


I had planned to bike to Stony Stratford for the start of the ride as I could have dropped off near Olney on the way back.  However, Wilstone is in the opposite direction so the return bike trip to the start would have added 25 miles to my journey.. I don’t think so.. not yet anyway.

Once again there was a very large group for the ‘C’ ride, around 30 I think.  This meant once again the the group was split in two, The first group and the second group (The second group is the preferred terminology to slower group, but it is the slower group.. 🙂 )  one group of about 20 and the second group of around 10.

‘The Barn’ is a cafe/farm shop situated in an old barn believe it or not! and beleived to be several hundred years old but not always in its current form.   The original timbers have been exposed during the conversion.  They make very nice and substantial home made cakes just right for cyclists there. After a very nice chunk of coffee and walnut cake and a cup of coffee I was well caffeined up for the return journey.


It was quite a circuitous route to the cafe, something over 26 miles and the return route must have been about 23 miles as I registered a little bit under 50 miles for the ride on my Garmin.  This was my fourth ride over 40 miles in a week.  I am cramming the rides in to try and make up for ‘lost’ miles during my lay-off.  The better weather makes it a more inviting option too of course.

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

The ride out and back was at a good pace and quite uneventful except for a small ‘mechanical’  on the way back.  The group average is supposed to be 15/16 mph but we managed over 17mph.  I kept a low profile in the middle of the group, conserving my energy.  We also managed to fit in nearly 2000ft of climbing.  It was a steady, orderly ride and well run by Alun.


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  1. Looks like a great cake stop! Our C group is usually about 16-17mph….it’s a good enough pace for peopel who like to chat aong the road.

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