Its Going To Be Bit Quiet…

Things will be a bit quiet here in the ‘Biking’ segment of the blog for a while as my cycling is temporarily on hold as the result of a small operation on my back on Friday which resulted in some stitches being inserted.  They say 10 – 14 days before the stitches come out and it does feel a bit sore at the moment I have to say.  I wouldn’t want to risk bending over too far just yet.  Maybe as time goes on and it feels less sore and tight I might be able to break the deadline. (Not sure how well that will go down indoors though !!)

Just prior to Friday I had volunteered my services to come out of retirement as ride leader for the Team MK ‘C’ group ride on June 15th as the ride organiser was short of a leader for that week. Unfortunately I have now had to let him down.  Maybe I will be riding again by then and indeed hope to be, but I couldn’t rely on it.

I will still be able keep my legs turning on the indoor trainer though as I can sit upright to do that but the blog posts about that would probably be even more boring than usual!  I suppose I could review TV programmes or movies that I watch as I pedal?

It seems this year has been fraught with all kinds of delays and interruptions to my cycling schedule.  No sooner do I seem get going on a regular riding pattern than it is disrupted for some reason or another.  At my age you need to keep going as even a short break can set you right back in terms of fitness.

In the mean time there are always my ‘Babbling’ posts to keep you entertained should anything of public interest happen there just so that you know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.


2 thoughts on “Its Going To Be Bit Quiet…

    • Just at the moment Steve I don’t have a lot of choice in the matter.. 🙂 The weather is so bad and I have plenty of other stuff going on so I am not really tempted out.. Summer seems to have gone a.w.o.l. this year..

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