Always Expect The Unexpected..

So…  last night I went to watch grandson Harry play in a football match.  It was a friendly end of season game between the Rugby Club and Football Club youths.  He plays for both teams but elected to play for the rugby club on this occasion.  Harry is my grandson who is just taking up cycling.

We were enjoying the evening in the sunshine watching the game.  Harry had scored a goal in the first half.  In the second half he went into what seemed a fairly innocuous tackle and all of sudden he went down in agony and I and everyone else around heard a crack!  My daughter was on the phone straight away, without going to Harry first, to call an ambulance.  She knew, as did we exactly what had happened.

The way his legs were crossed we thought at first it was an ankle that was broken, but when the ambulance crew arrived they suspected a fractured femur, the big bone in the thigh, in fact the biggest bone in the body.  Its not easy to break and given the nature of the collision I am surprised it did break.  It seemed like ages while they treated him on the pitch, it had already taken them about half an hour to get to the scene anyway.   It is quite a way from the ambulance station but it seemed like ages.  Thats the trouble with living in the country I guess and I know they have to take a lot of care and follow procedures.  They gave him gas and air to breathe and told him thats what they give pregnant ladies in childbirth!  That went down well.  In the end they followed that up with a morphine injection.

I have to say though that through it all Harry was very brave and suffered in silence except when his Dad, thinking it was an ankle problem tried to move his leg to arrange his ankles better by touching his thigh.. wrong !!!

As the access road to the pitch was so bumpy the ambulance crew considered getting a helicopter to take him to hospital but in the end decided not to, mainly because it would probably have meant he was taken to Oxford about 60 miles away instead of Milton Keynes, about 10 miles distant.

The prognosis as of today, the day after is that hopefully they will pin the bone tomorrow and he will have it in for 6 – 8 weeks and no plaster cast.

So no more cycling for him for a while I guess.  I am thinking he should maybe try to concentrate on cycling when he is fit and able again.  I will definitely encourage him in that direction, especially as he is already showing signs of being a natural.  For a 15 year old he has quite an impressive sports accident record so far.  He had an ear half bitten off a year or so ago at rugby and now his broken leg playing football.  Lets hope thats the end of it.

So yesterday evening turned out to be nothing like I had expected at the outset, but who could have foreseen that happening.