Apologies For Absence..

Apologies for my recent absence from here.  It has been because we took a trip to Lanzarote for some R & R in the Canary Islands sunshine.  The Canaries are a group of Volcanic islands off the north western African coast close to the equator so they have all year round sunshine and a steady high temperature.  Not particularly attractive scenery wise due to the extensive lava rock from the eruptions that created the islands in the first place. However they do serve a purpose for us sunshine deprived northern Europeans to top up our Vitamin D.

It was booked earlier in the year when my wife returned from her daily walk to the shops in town one morning a couple of months ago.  She was soaking wet, cold and bedraggled and said she was fed up!  I happened to suggest maybe we could take a trip to somewhere in the sunshine for a break.  Within hours it was researched and booked. The holiday, long term car parking at Gatwick Airport and overnight accommodation near the airport the night before the trip.  She didn’t need telling twice!

A sad reflection of our times is that I don’t like mentioning these kind of events online in advance or during, for security reasons.  As it happens it appears somebody did try to get into the back gate while I was away.  Unsuccessfully fortunately.

I will give a more detailed account, with pictures, later and I will also be putting some pictures on my photography blog later.  However I have over 300 pictures to work through and edit first.

The weight loss program I talked about in an earlier post here has kind of gone into reverse.  More of me returned from the trip than left here just over a week ago.  Thats the trouble with all inclusive holidays, food and drink is readily available with little or no effort involved, apart from the walk to one of the bars or restaurants.  I did however manage a quick spin on the bike yesterday afternoon and hope to go on the club ride tomorrow morning.  So the process starts again.. weight loss and training.