Signs Of Spring 1

I am hoping there will be a sequence of similar posts so thats why I have called this one number one, in anticipation!

After a wander around the monthly farmers market this morning we walked back via the meadows and the river.  It seems the farmer thinks Spring has arrived a he has released the cows out onto the meadows for the summer.  Always a positive sign.



The cows are usually a bit frisky when they are first released from their winter quarters but these seemed OK.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 16.47.27

Click on the map for a larger view

There is a public right of way across the meadows and a public footpath across the meadows from near the Church and Old Mill situated towards the bottom left of the map that goes across the meadows to the river bridge just past the centre the near the bottom of the map where the river heads north and the path crosses the bridge and up to the small hamlet of Clifton Reynes, far right of the map. (You might just see a thin light horizontal line on the enlarged view of the map which is the footpath to the bridge).

You can also bear left near the bridge and walk north along by the river to the ‘Z’ bend in the river at the top of the map and it brings you out at the sports field where the rugby, football and cricket club are located. (The Rugby Club is identified on the map).  Its not actually an official public right of way along there.  However there are little bridges across the outlets where the field ditches exit into the river and everybody walks along there.  It makes a good alternative walking route to or from the town to make a pleasant looped walk on a nice day.  This was the return route this morning.  My house is just off the top of the map.