If Theres Not Much To Say….

Say nothing..

There hasn’t been much to write about lately so I haven’t.  There still isn’t a great deal but I have accumulated enough trivia now to write something.  Also you will now know that I haven’t suddenly fallen off the face of the Earth.

The main reason for lack of things to write about is the freezing cold weather.  It set in last Friday, the day after my last bike ride and hasn’t let up since.  It caused the cancellation of the bike racing at MK Bowl where I was supposed to be marshalling as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, and also removed the possibility of any bike rides this week.. so far !  Its actually going to be above freezing tomorrow so I might find a slot for a short ride.  If so it will be short, hard and fast, that is, it will be my kind of fast which may not be everyones fast.  Probably fast for a lot of readers of this blog though.. ( I am well aware that is by no means all of them but they aren’t 70 years old 🙂 ) It will however keep me warm.

The last couple of days have seen people coming to fix various things so had to stay home for them anyway.  Also there has been bike racing to watch from Belgium on Eurosport in the afternoons so boredom has not been a problem.  Maybe a lot of people might find bike racing boring to watch but I have done enough in my time to appreciate all the little nuances and tactics of what goes on.  I even find myself contradicting the commentators sometimes.

Yesterday I braved the cold and went down the garage for a while to fit a new cadence sensor to the Felt bike so that I don’t have to keep changing from bike to bike as the seasons change or just ride one bike without the benefit of knowing how fast I am pedalling on my Garmin.  The Felt is due to come out at the weekend.  Its the rule that the change from winter bike to summer bike happens when we change the clocks.  As of 02:00 Sunday morning its the start of ‘British Summer Time’.  Thats as far as the time is concerned anyway but definitely not the weather it seems.

I have spent a lot of my enforced time indoors re-organizing all my photos on the computer back to the year 2000.  I also found some pictures and galleries to add to my Photoblog.  I also took some pictures indoors trying out various lenses.   I took some photos of the orchids indoors yesterday during my testing so I added them as well.  You can find them and the rest of pictures by clicking on this for the site if you are interested or this picture for just the gallery

Orchid, (click this picture to go tot he gallery)

Orchid, (click this picture to go to the gallery)

This evening its Olney Camera Clubs monthly meeting so I will pop along there for my monthly outing.. 🙂  Thats always the last Wednesday of the month and the Jazz Club is always the first Tuesday of the month so a definite case of ‘It Never rains but that it pours’

Its going to be a busy time here over Easter so unless anything startling, surprising or momentous, like a bike ride happens tomorrow you probably wont hear from me again until after the weekend.  Enjoy..