Rubbish, Rubbish Weather, Great Biking…

Despite the lack of my own cycling today I do have a few matters to write about here.  Firstly an omission from yesterday blog post.

Whilst riding along yesterday I couldn’t help noticing the amount of litter by the road side.  They were not main roads they were quiet country roads.  I don’t know how people can just open their car windows and throw out their litter.  I remember a couple of weeks ago I was riding along and saw this fellow, who I assume was a council worker, in his fluorescent yellow jacket and one of those litter pick up gadgets.  He had the tool in one hand and litter sack in the other steadily filling it up.  After I had passed him I saw a full sack, ready for collection about every 200 metres.  I think that is appalling.

I have noticed this litter problem all over the country, not just locally.  The only place I haven’t noticed it is when I am in France, be it side road or motorway, the roadsides are always spotless.  So much so that its probably the reason I notice it.

I know many years ago there used to be a campaign here and everywhere you saw posters saying ‘Keep Britain Tidy’.  I think its time for a revival to give those responsible for the mess a nudge.  I believe it is actually an offence to throw your litter away in public places but I never hear of anybody being punished for it.  It looks like there are plenty of guilty people around.  Mind you, having said that I cant say that I recall ever actually seeing anybody throw something from a vehicle.  But someone is for sure.

Next time you are out on the roads just take a look at the road side.  I am sure wherever you are, in UK at least, you will see what I mean.

If I felt I had any influence I think I would start a campaign but I’ll just carry on muttering in my little corner of the World.. 🙂

More Rubbish News

This time I am talking about the rubbish weather we are having.  I was supposed to be marshalling at the circuit races at Milton Keynes Bowl tomorrow that are being promoted by Team MK.  I say ‘are’ because tomorrows event was to be the third in a series of three but unfortunately due to the weather it has had to be postponed.  I know there have also been lots of other events suffering the same fate all over the UK tomorrow.  Come on Spring, get a shift on..

Fabulous Fabien

To finish on a positive note It was great to see Fabien Cancellara back to winning ways again today in the E3 Harelbecke race.  He is one of my favourite riders and he won today in the typical way that he has.  He just rode away from a group of other riders on a climb with about 26km to go to the finish and then held them off all the way.  He built a lead of around a minute and despite the fact the five chasers were all working together to close the gap they were unable to make any inroads at all.  Its a great way to win a race when you win like that you have really won it.

Last year was not a good year for him, his only success was in the opening time trial of the Tour de France and he then held the yellow jersey for a week until Bradley Wiggins took it off him and kept it to the finish!


One thought on “Rubbish, Rubbish Weather, Great Biking…

  1. I am entirely with you about the litter problem. My view is that people in England and Scotland have been told so often by the landowners that the country doesn’t belong to them that they don’t care about it.
    It may also be that van drivers have such unholy schedules that they can’t even stop to use a litter bin and get penalised if they bring a van back to the depot with litter in it. Most of the stuff seems to be pop bottles and ready meal debris.

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