A Quiet Day At Home…

After a flurry of activity, over the previous few days with blog changes and setting them up there has been a distinct lack of outdoor activity.  I have neither been cycling or photographing.

Yesterday was mostly spent re-organising my photos on the computer and the external back up/storage disc drive.  Those RAW format files take up a lot of room!  I converted the photos I have already edited this year to .jpg files and moved them on to the Computer hard drive.

The RAW files are around 22mB each picture, once converted to .jpg they are around 14mB as a lot of data is stripped from the RAW files when they are converted.  My plan is to keep an untouched copy of the RAW files just as they are downloaded from the camera as back up on the 2TB external drive.  Also another copy of them on there converted to .dng files.  I will work on editing these .dng files with Adobe Lightroom 4.  Once edited I will  copy them to the Hard Drive in .jpg format for printing or posting on the internet in further reduced size.

On a separate partition on the external drive Apples ‘Time Machine’ software makes hourly back ups of whats on my computer and the external hard drive. After the initial full back up it only makes a note of any changes, not a complete back up every hour. I have 1.5TB for photos and 0.5TB for the back ups.

Also yesterday was my Granddaughter Daisy’s 11th birthday so that was cause for a family get together after school and into the evening.

This morning I spent some time in the garage working on bikes with some fine tuning adjustments to the Specialized bike wheel bearings and gear adjustment after the work and test ride the other day.  I also changed the cassette block on the Felt in preparation for its re-appearance on the 31st!  I didn’t hang about down there too long though as its very cold still.

This afternoon I watched a mountain stage of the Volta a Catalunya (Tour of Catalonia) bike race in the comfort of my sofa in the warm.  There is always some spectacular scenery to be seen on the mountain stages of bike races.  After almost 5 hours of racing already, todays final 12km, 10% average gradient climb was topped off with snow.

Hopefully I will fit a bike ride in tomorrow morning if the weather holds up as it is supposed to and or get out and take some photos, watch this space.


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