Bonus Ride…

Today didn’t quite turn out as I had expected it to but that wasn’t a bad thing.  My friend Cyril called this morning to see if it would be OK to bike over from Wellingborough for a coffee.  He knew I would be home because the caravan was having its annual service today.  After I put the phone down I thought it would be a good idea to join him for part of the way on his return ride and make a looped ride of it for me.  It was looking like a good day for a bike ride too, bright sunshine and a bit warmer than yesterday so I was glad of the opportunity.  I needed to get some miles in my legs before leading the ‘C’ group of Team MK on the club ride on Saturday.  It had been over a week since my last ride.

Cyril arrived at the same time as Dennis who had come to service the caravan so a batch of coffee’s were made and duly drunk.  Dennis was all set up and work was underway so after a brief chat and a few more ginger biscuits and an espresso I donned my cycling gear and Cyril and I set off on the bikes.  We rode around  twelve miles together until we reached Grendon.  There we went our separate ways, Cyril back to Wellingborough and I completed the loop with another eight miles back to Olney.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 14.19.08

Click on map for detailed ride data.

When I got back home Dennis was just packing up.  Apparently we need to have a job done on the caravan but it can wait until our return from France at the beginning of July.  They will need the ‘van for a while it seems. 😦

This is the first afternoon for about two weeks that I haven’t had any cycle racing to watch on Eurosport.  It feels kind of strange in a way.  Never mind there is plenty more racing to come, right through until October and three, big three week tours to come in there, Italy France and Spain not to mention the big one day classics.  So plenty of armchair cycling in store yet!

Its still looking nice and sunny out there now so I will close and maybe we will get a brief walk in before ‘afternoon tea’.. !!


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  1. Glad we rode together today always good didn’t mannish to get ahead no my place ha ha also stopped at 3 sets of traffic lights ha ha

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