Bus Ride to MK, (they dont make it easy)

Had a bus ride into Milton Keynes today, making use of the free bus pass and saving on fuel, parking charges and the hassle of finding a parking place, even worse in the school holidays.  Its always an enlightening experience.

Going in is quite a straight forward affair as there is an ‘express’ bust at just the right time, 9:40am, for us pensioners  We  don’t like to get up and about too early, give the world time to warm up !  But coming back is a very complicated affair now, since Arriva have changed the routes and the numbering.  Previously the number 1 bus missed out Sherington and came into Newport Pagnell and then all around the streets of Newport Pagnell near to Ousedale School and the 1B bus went through Sherington and straight into Newport Pagnell and all around the streets.  This was the same reversed on the return journey for both routes.  OK so far?

Now if you get a bus from Milton Keynes to Olney, a Number 1, it Only says it goes to Newport Pagnell and on reaching Newport Pagnell it becomes a 1A without anybody leaving the bus and it then says it goes to Olney and Bedford.  But.. some number one buses terminate at Newport Pagnell and you have to disembark and wait for a 1A bus to materialise to go to Olney and Bedford.  If you think this is complicated you should try reading the timetables.  I think its done to deter the pensioners from using the buses with their free passes or even just to get rid of a few old ‘uns and reduce the numbers.

Unfortunately the express buses don’t run so frequently as the 1, 1A so it would mean spending far too much time in Milton Keynes SHOPPING!!!  Otherwise life would be far less complicated.  Well done Arriva !!!