To St Honore Les Bains Wednesday 7th July

Travelled here today, sad to leave Annecy but time to move on. Our last job there was to introduce our Danish neighbours to Tetley tea. The lady had enquired about tea as she could not make the same as she was used to when she worked in Edgware as a 15 year old au-pair around 50 years ago! She had decided it was maybe the water. It turns out she could not get the ‘right’ tea. Only posh stuff like Earl Grey and herbal type teas. So having done our bit for international trade, we moved on expecting to see the sales of Tetley tea rise considerably in Denmark in future.
Arrived here after an uneventful five hour drive. The scenery has changed from mountainous to more undulating but quite a few big hills around. The last few towns we came through, including this one are all decked out in anticipation of the arrival of the Tour de France on Friday.
Its a pleasant enough site here, on the outskirts of a small thermal spa town, as the name might suggest. Haven’t been tempted into taking the waters yet, still sticking with the alcohol. Plenty of empty spaces here and we have a nice partly shaded pitch pretty much all on our own so neighbour stories from here.

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