Tuesday 29th June, Lac de Serre Poncon

A beautiful start to the day, looked out of the window to the almost still lake.  We had a leisurely breakfast outside and then off to the Super ‘U’ for some more food.

After a cup of coffee I went out for a bike ride up into the mountains, it was hard work at first as there is no real chance to warm up, just straight into the climbs.  Got a good rhythm going after a 2 or 3km and was going fine until after 5km I got a puncture.  It was a nice shady place to sit and do the repair.  There was no obvious hole in the tube and due to a lack of a bowl of water to trace the puncture I changed the inner tube instead.   I set off and within 200m I felt the wheel rim on the road and knew I had another puncture.  Wasn’t totally flat and was ride-able so I pressed on as there was no real alternative.  After a few more km of climbing it wasn’t getting any softer so I tried pumping it up some more and for some reason it seemed to hold up the pressure this time.  That was a relief as I didn’t fancy 9 miles of descending round hairpins with a soft tyre!

A View from todays ride up to St Apollinaire

I carried on to the village of St Apollinaire at a height of 1270 metres, the highest point on the ride.  After that it was pretty much all downhill right into the site and a puncture mending session.

View down towards our site from St Apollinaire

A little rain again this evening but nothing much, will still probably eat our dinner outside under the awning.