Privas, 26th June 2010

Had an easy start to the day, made easier by the fact that we realised for the last few days that my BlackBerry that we use in bedside mode as our wake up clock had reset itself to UK time!
About 11am a Dutch neighbour asked if I would like to accompany him on a bike ride, which I did. He planned a ride of 3 Cols so I was a bit dubious but gave it a go. Even more dubious as he is 10 years younger than me. After Col no1 and 5 miles of climbing I knew I was going to hold him back so I I said to go on and would do a different ride. So it was 5 miles back down into Privas and then I started a different route. Towards Montelimar and then up towards Valence but I turned off at le Poizan back towards Privas. A ride of about 60k and ride up the hill into Privas was a killer about 2 miles of up in 32c.
It was back for a cool down and a trip to the pool after that. My Dutch friend Rick arrived back about 15 minutes after me, having done 64k and 3 Cols!
A restful rest of the afternoon listening to the river and the resident toads croaking away.
Typing this as I wait for the BBQ to get going with a glass of Merlot by my side, sitting in the shade. Lifes a bitch sometimes !

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