Gorges du Tarn – Monday 21st June 2010

Hmm OK so it’s the first day of summer.. I don’t think so..!!

We decided to take a trip to the Gorges du Tarn today.  It was about 40 miles away across country, so it was a nice drive there as well.  We arrived at the edge of the Gorge overlooking a small town at the bottom that we later discovered was called Prade.

Looking down from the top of the Gorge on arrival

We followed the road down and came to a picturesque little town called St Enimie.  Parked there and wandered around and took some photos,  a very old place, all the cobbled paths were worn and the steps worn away with curved edges.

St Enimie

St Enimie, Cellar Entrance

St Enimie, Local 'Ladies'

We left there for a drive down the Gorge.  It wasn’t such a spectacular drive as the one we took last year around the Gorges du Verdon which was all around the top of the gorge.  This one was along the bottom and looking up mostly.  It was still an awesome sight but not so good I think.

We stopped for a picnic lunch and looked at the map before we set off again, only to fine we had been driving the wrong way!! So we retraced our steps to St Enemie and headed south now.  The drive was a bit hairy as in some places the road had been carved from the side of the gorge walls and there were overhangs over the road and it became a bit tricky when meeting an oncoming vehicle.  It was mostly cars but not too much trouble except when they were not prepared to use all of their side of the road.  Fortunately, being right hand drive my side of the car was on the side of the gorge so I could see exactly how much room I had.

It was about 25 miles down the gorge and then we set off across country again and headed for home.  It involved quite a spectacular climb up from the gorge bottom, it must have been about 12 miles of driving to the top.

When we got home I tried a bit of fly fishing in the Lot for half an hour or so but no luck.  Very restricted casting , with no back casting space really which made things difficult but it passed the time before dinner.