A Mixed Week

Its been one of those weeks when you are active all the time and achieve practically nothing.  The weather hasnt helped too much either.  Its been pretty damp, misty and foggy.

Sunday was good, a 40 mile bike ride in the morning with my long term mate Cyril.  Its a pretty regular occurence our Sunday morning jaunt and chat but we still manage to average around 15mph.

Monday was a bit of DIY, replacing the sealant around  the edge of the bath/tiles in places where it wasnt very good, but the first time we used the shower when it should have been dry it just washed away.. so… remove all that sealant.. then I needed a ‘window’ to be able to properly clean ALL the old sealant out and then redo the whole job.  That window arrived this morning and i have applied some sealant remover and waiting the obligatory 2 – 3 hours while it does its work.  I then have to clean that muck out and reseal it which will take another 18 – 24 hours to dry properly so we are going to be really dirty by then..

Anyway, back to where I was.. Tuesday was good.  I went to fly tying club in the evening and we were treated to an evening with the renowned fly tier and fisherman Charles Jardine.  After a pevious visit I wrote a letter to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine about his visit and subsequent events which was published. See my post of March 17th, ‘Last Weeks First’ .  So on Tuesday I asked Charles to autograph the letter in the magazine which he kindly did in his artistic and individual style.. for which I was much appreciative.

On Wednesday we went down to Crawley to Jans mums as it was her 94th birthday.  Braving the M1 and M25 on a weekday.. but to my surprise the traffic seemed much lighter than on our normal weekend visits and we made good time in both directions.

Today I have already covered earlier and who knows what next few days will hold in store.. I’ll let you know..