Homework Time..

Have spent the last few days re-decorating the hall.. so not a lot of biking.. 😦

Painted the walls and ceiling and today hired a floor sander to take 100 years of dirt, paint and all manner of other stuff off the floorboards.  It was the plan to put laminate flooring down but when we lifted the carpet the original floorboards were in good nick.. hence the sander hire, which I have to say, was a lot tougher to use than I thought.  Not helped by the fact I had to do it all with an edging sander rather than the push along belt type.  This is because it was only the hallway and I would have needed the edging sander anyway.

Did manage a 13 mile circuit on Tuesday afternoon at an average of 16.5mph which is almost 1 mph faster than i managed a month ago.  Over such a short distance thats not bad I think?

Now I only have to varnish the floor and I am done so probably, now I am free for a bit more cycling and fishing the weather is going to take a turn for the worst?