12th June 2009, Reflections..

Had a few days to recover and reflect on our experiences now and in the meantime the weather has improved here at home at last.

We drove 3300 miles, the overall average fuel consumption was 33.7 mpg and the average speed was 34mph.  I was particularly pleased with the fuel consumption considering most of the mileage was towing.  Normally, driving solo I get around 50mpg.  I seldom exceeded 60 mph when towing except on the way home when I was touching 70 at times and it makes quite a difference.

Next time we will take the tunnel I think and drive down to the good weather as soon as possible by using the autoroute pay sections for the first day at least and and do the reverse coming back to stay with the good weather as long as possible.  Our idea had been to avoid the autoroutes this time to be able to see more of the country and towns.  It was a good idea as we certainly saw more than just hammering down the autoroute.  We definitely headed for home too early given the weather we found as we headed north.  But our thinking there had been to do it in easy stages and not to leave to much to do on the last day.  We had anticipated the weather being nice and being able to do some sightseeing on the stopovers.  We knew it would be cooler but the rain is what messed it up for us.

But overall it was a good holiday, definitely very enjoyable and next time will be even better. It was about 15 years since I last drove in France or even went to France so it it was a case of re-learning everything and getting into their way of life which to me seems far more laid back than ours.

So heres to next time.  We will make a few trips in the UK now for the rest of summer with the possibility of going to France again in September when it is low season again and the French are all back at work.