Thursday 4th June 2009, Chateau de Montrouant

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Chateau de Montrouant (22)

 Another lovely day, just relaxing. Jean Michel delivered the bread this morning, fresh baked in the chateau. I enquired about the availability of WiFi. His reply was “I have all the equipment here but we cant get it to work, maybe you could try today?” I said OK I will take a look after lunch as we are going out this morning.

Our trip out took us to a nearby town called La Clayette, a beautiful place with a lake and stunning chateau at the far end, adjacent to the town. We parked in the shade by the lake and took some pictures of the chateau then wandered into town. It was just about 12:30 so everything was closing until 3 or 3:30 as they do here. But we had a good look around and then went to top up with diesel at the Intermarche supermarket and that was closed as well. Fortunately these places have a 24/24 pump where you can get fuel anytime with a credit card/debit card.

On our return we had an alfresco lunch of aforementioned bread and a selection of left overs now, of our cheeses. I then went on a mission to find JM and found him, he showed me the WiFi set up and left me to it. I wasnt really sure what I was doing but eventually I did manage to get a connection and did all I wanted. When I tried to reconnect as test after that it wouldn’t work so it was just a fluke I think. Anyway I had done all I wanted.

In conversation with some other English people here we found out that the vineyard on the hill adjacent to the site also belongs to the chateau, along with the little chapel on top of the hill. This is now empty but very picturesque. We also found out that JM makes his own wines and they are available from the cooler in the bar. There is a Red, a Rose and a White. We took a bottle of the Red (Gamay) and a White (Chardonnay). We polished off the Chardonnay with our evening meal, also alfresco> It was eminantly drinkable, very nice and crisp tasting. I think we will definitely have to come back here again.

There is nothing much to do but its just so relaxing. I wish we could stay longer now but we are on a kind of schedule now.