Friday 5th June 2009, Boussac-Bourg.

 Chateau du Poinsouze

Chateau du Poinsouze (2)

Chateau du Poinsouze (3)

Another day another Chateau. Chateau du Poinsouze, just outside Boussac-Bourg. It was three hour drive across country to this site which is beautifully laid out and very smart and tidy.


The sun is shining and and we have already been into town to collect supplies. The ‘facilities’ are spectacular and we have a WiFi connection in the caravan but its a paid for one, quite reasonable though.


Nothing else to report for today I think as I dont intend doing much else. Its 5:15pm and just going to have a cuppa and relax for the evening.


I was outside having a cuppa just now, before posting this and a young man has just been round in a golf buggy telling everyone it might be stormy tonight, he is not sure as we are between ‘Departments’ so maybe we will wake up in the lake in the morning !!


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  1. I know you are relaxed and getting away from it all but just to let you know it is now June not May!!

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