Wednesday June 3rd 2009 Chateau de Montrouant

Here we are, in a wonderful setting. In the grounds of a beautiful chateau about 30 miles west of Macon in the Saone Loire region. It can only take 45 caravans but the pitches are beautifully located in terraces overlooking a lake of about 5 acres I would say, with the chateau behind us and a swimming pool in between on the top terrace. The owner is quite a young chap and very friendly and easy going. The showers etc are inside the chateau, there is a ‘bar’ area in a dovecote outside where you help yourself to locally produced wines ( no labels on the bottles), should you wish and just write on a list what you take and pay at the end of your stay. This is the Macconais Beaujolais wine growing region. The washing up area is in an old, stone built, hexagonal gazebo with a sink underneath each window with a view over the valley. On top of the hill about a mile away is the village of Gibles and you can see the church and hear it chime from across the valley


We had quite a good journey up to here, about 4 hours driving and stress free once we got away from the busy area’s. Open country side with rolling hills and little traffic. We have left the mountains behind now. We will stay here 2 nights, although there isn’t much to do around here, its in the middle of nowhere it will be good to rest for day. We will have 2 more 2 or 3 night stops on the way up and across, each with about 4 hours driving.


Not a lot else to say really we haven’t done much except drive here and relax for the afternoon and wander around the grounds.


Just for the record we have now done about 2600 miles with an average fuel consumption of 36.9 mpg. As most of the mileage has been towing the van thats pretty good. Especially considering the terrain of the last couple of weeks. Up and down mountains and numerous hairpins and gear changes.