Tuesday 2nd June 2009, To Annecy.


The journey became far more arduous than we expected. A four hour drive became over six. The first bit of hassle was caused by some kind of traffic planners cock up on the way to Grenoble.. We were headed down this road and noticed all of a sudden, signs warning of a height limit of 2.6metres which would have just about let us through. We werent sure what to do as we saw big trucks and motor caravans coming in the other direction so our reasoning was if they got through, so could we. When we got toward the restriction, all of a sudden there was a height gauge hanging down in the lane for continuing on to Grenoble and a diversion sign for higher vehicles to Grenoble. So we swung round to follow this and nice yellow diversion signs all the way back the way we had come about 10 kilometers !!! then to turn right and right again and all the way round another way with loads of trucks. Not one yellow diversion sign did we see as were were approaching this diversion from the other direction originally so that added about 45 minutes to the trip.


On reaching Annecy the traffic was a nightmare. There was no alternative for us but to go into the centre and back out on another road. However, along this road there were some roadworks and traffic was horrendous, several lanes merging into each other and various roundabouts and traffic lights. The traffic lights were useless as they would change several times and nobody moved. Eventually we cleared that queue, only to get onto the back of another one for some roadworks and another mile of queuing, all this in a temperature of around 28C !! Another 8 km down the road we got to our site but not really what we had been expecting. There was no real view of the lake as we had thought there would be. If we wanted to go into Annecy it would be a nightmare with the traffic and its such a big place, too big for us, we like the quieter places and small towns and villages.


Our original plan was to spend about 4 or 5 days here but that soon dwindled to one just to get a break from the driving. Eventually we decided we would leave tomorrow and start to head west in easy stages toward the west coast ready for coming home.

We have 4 stops lined up, working away across in 3 or 4 hour drives, eventually getting to the north coast of Brittany for the trip to Caen next Wednesday to get the Thursday ferry home.


So today was a bit of a disappointment really but hopefully we have picked out some nice places to stay for the rest of the trip.