Monday 1st June 2009 Embrun/Caravan

 Had breakfast outside in the sunshine again, quite a leisurely one while we decided what to do as the weather was looking a little uncertain, clouds lurking around the mountains, but far away.

We postponed our decision until after we had been to Embrun for some diesel and essential supplies, also a visit to McDonald’s car park to get the previous two blog posts away. By the time we got back it was lunchtime and during lunch we elected to leave here tomorrow, having checked the weather forecast for here and our destination, Annecy. They were both similar, showers this afternoon and cloudy tomorrow and sunshine again on Wednesday and getting warmer again after that. Almost as soon as we had decided it got quite cloudy overhead and the sound of distant thunder rolling around in the mountains so we dismantled the awning, deflated the canoe and packed away what we could in the car ready for tomorrow while it was still dry. We have had a good time here and seen plenty and have done as much as we wanted. There are still places to go but that can wait for another time and I am sure we will definitely come back to this site. We have started a list of sites we would go back to already. So far it is here and Sarlat for sure and possibly Castellane.

Just as I type these words it is starting to rain so our timing was perfect. It looks like it will be Lance Armstrong’s book for me, my fourth book of the holiday and Jan will be buried in one of the seven books she bought !! I think she is going to run out of books before we run out of holiday so maybe she will get into Jeremy Clarkson or Morse?

It didn’t rain for long so we went for a walk up a little road just outside the entrance to the site. It wound up and round in several hairpins and to a little hamlet/community about 3km away. It was just a gentle stroll and in the walk we encountered only 2 cars and 3 cyclists and some nice views back over the lake.