We Made It…

Arrived safely in Caen after a rocky trip, not too rough but a good swell going.. Fairly soon on the road after disembarking. It all seemed a bit strange at first after about a 15 year gap since I last drove in France.  Thank goodness for satellite navigation so that I didnt have to worry about map reading as well.

It was about a 1hr 45 minute drive to the site at Pontorson, ‘Camping Haliotis’.

Pontorson Les  Haliotis

A  nice site, not at all busy and next to the river that runs through the town. We had a bit of a walk around after dinner, it doesnt get dark here until almost 10pm.

Tomorrow will be our first real day here when we will do some exploring but I think first thing there is a market in town so maybe we will go there first.