All Set to Go….

Well hopefully everything is all done and packed, just the last few things to go in the fridge and freezer in the morning and we will be on our way to Fareham around 9 or 10am.  We will spend the night there and get the early ferry from Portsmouth to Caen on Tuesday morning.

All of a sudden departure time seems to have come around very quickly.  It was months ago that we booked the ferry and probably up until last week it still seemed sometime in the future, then all of a sudden it became now!

I am sure we have thought of everything and whatever we might have forgotten can be bought over there.  I am sure they have shops there too that will be prepared to sell us stuff.

I guess the next post will be from somewhere abroad, hopefully in France!! I know not where and when. It will depend on us getting a wifi connection, and hopefully a free one at that.

So Au Revoir until then..  watch this space……….


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