Peace Reigns Again..

All the crisis are over now.  Bathroom floor all done.. Caravan all fixed finally, except for a minor problem with the front window that will be replaced after our trip.

The caravan was eventually fixed within about 3 days once we got everyone sufficiently motivated with a few kick-ass e-mails here and there so why they needed it 2 weeks I dont know?

Have spent the weekend sorting things out and cleaning the ‘van.  Just finished washing it and it started to rain so will wait for a dry day now to get some polish on it.  Have invested in a cover to put over the front of the van to protect it when we are travelling and keep it clean.  Only the work of a couple of minutes to clip it on.  It wont obstruct the view as I cant see through the caravan anyway when we are travelling.

Should now have an easy few days to pack and prepare at leisure.  Exactly one week today we will be on the road to our overnight stop near Portsmouth all being well.  Our ferry leaves at 8:30am and we need to be there by 7:45.