What A Week

What a stressful week this has been !!!

There has been an ongoing saga trying to get our caravan back from dealers who have to replace a microwave oven that was reported faulty on March 30th at the annual service.  However it didnt get done as we found out on our next trip.  Returned the van immediately on return on Monday April 20th.  The fault had to be ‘diagnosed’ then returned to supplier of oven for them to ‘diagnose’. It didnt even get returned to supplier until the wednesday afternoon.  Therefore this week I have been applying pressure to get it back in time for our forthcoming trip.  There seemed to be no urgency on behalf of dealer.  After many phone calls and e-mails i eventually managed to get the caravan manufacturer to step in the replacement oven should be at the dealers by Friday and fitted for me to collect the van Friday evening.. fingers crossed there then..