What a Week (Part 2)

On Friday the flooring guys came to fit the plywood to the bathroom floor prior to having vinyl fitted on Monday after I had spent the weekend decorating.

However.. what happened was.. They came on Friday to fit ply as planned and I started to decorate on Saturday.  just finishing for the day Saturday evening when we noticed some damp on the bathroom floor around the toilet basin.  On investigation it appears that they put the ply under the basin instead of around it, thus lifting it out of alignment and a steady drip ensuedfrom the waste pipe, not unlike the one that did the job it would appear!!  So i spent the next couple of hours removing the staples from the offending panels to allow the toilet basin to sit back on the floor and all was well. I also removed the panels from under the wash basin as well.

Then I left an irate message with the flooring company for the boss to visit on Monday morning before the floor fitters arrived.  However he arrived on Sunday afternoon as his wife said I had sounded quite upset on the phone.   He tried to justify what they had done by saying ‘its what we normally do but it should have been checked for leaks’.  So on Monday they arrived to fit replacement panels properly and also Jan received a flower arrangement from said company.  The vinyl was finally laid today (Thursday) and they did a good job and it looks great.

So much better than what might have happened if they had laid the floor immediately after the plywood.  We would not have known about the leak probably, until we came back from our month long trip to France in 5 weeks time to find the kitchen ceiling which is underneath the bathroom on the kitchen floor.