The Story So Far…

OK here goes. This is an attempt to log my fishing story, starting from now after some years floundering around off the record.

I have been fly fishing now for about 5 years I guess. I did a lot of coarse fishing when I was a schoolboy on the Grand Union Canal at Rickmansworth and Mill End, and the surrounding gravel pits. My attention then was switched to cycle racing from my mid teenage years until I was around 23. Then again some years later when I was involved in Mountain Bike racing until my mid 50’s. However, I digress. Back to the fishing again.

Some years after I stopped racing the first time, In my thirties I suppose, my brother gave me a fly rod he obviously no longer wanted. Being an avid coarse fisherman himself he decided to pass it on to me I guess. It was an old Hardy Mitre split can rod, ‘The Nymph’, 7ft 9” 4 weight. Although at the time I didn’t know what that 4# meant. So off I went to the fishing section of the local hardware store. Obviously a limited choice of equipment, given that I was trying to buy fly fishing equipment on an avid coarse fishing area on the Upper Ouse. Out I walked with 7# double taper line and a Rimfly reel. I had read some articles about fly fishing and gathered that trout liked ‘buzzers’. So, not knowing exactly what a buzzer was I bought something big, bold and bushy like a bee type of insect. It was the buzzing bit that gave me what I thought was a clue. Exactly the opposite of what I need in fact.

I made a futile trip to Pitsford one evening to try my luck. I had no idea about casting or exactly how to get my fly further can a couple of rod lengths away from the shore. However it must have been a special evening because although I didn’t catch anything, there were fishing rising all around and close in. Unlike anything I have ever seen since actually. I even kind of remember a couple of tugs on my line, or was that weed? Whatever it was it gave me a taste and thrill. Enough to wet my appetite and get me interested. But not enough to impress me enough to carry on my fishing career at that time.

Many, years later I decided to invest in a days fly fishing instruction with Anglian Water at Pitsford. This was more like it and I was off on my fly fishing adventure. A journey of discovery and great pleasure to this day and many more to come I hope. That was about 4 years ago and I am still learning but getting better.

For about the last year I have also been tying my own flies and catching with them as well. That’s a real thrill the first time that happens I can tell you. I used to follow the patterns quite religiously but I have become a bit more inventive now and still continue to catch.

So that’s my background in fly fishing and the learning continues and you can keep up to date with my progress in that and the other spheres of my life here as well hopefully.